Have you ever spotted a pair of earrings on a friend and thought they were so cute, that you just had to have them too? Only to order them and find out they just don't look the same? Yeah. Us too! 

Today we'll walk you through how to pick earrings that are the right style just for you! 

Freshie & Zero How to Pick the right earring for you!

Picking the earring style in two steps!

1. Pick a metal finish - most of us gravitate toward a specific metal finish, whether it's sterling silver, gold filled or rose gold filled. If you've found your favorite finish, stick with it! If you're unsure, try them all on and select a finish that you really love against your skin tone. If you can't make up your mind, look for mixed metal pieces to satisfy all fronts. 

If you really don't know where to start, the traditional method for selecting metal finishes is based off of your skin tone. 

Cool skin tone - Sterling silver

Warm skin tone - Gold filled

Neutral - Congratulations! You can wear them all. 


2. Pick a style - to select the right style earring, first let's think about your personal style. Do you wear classic cuts, or do you prefer a flowy bohemian touch? Form here we can select earrings that will suit everything you have in your closet! After all, we want our jewelry to be functional. 

If your style is : 

Edgy - opt for something with harsh angles like our Apex Minimal Hoop earrings in the gold filled finish. 

Boho - go for something organic and natural like our Ramble earrings with a mixed metal finish. 

Classic - select something with a simple shape and a consistent metal finish try our Halo & Spin earring in sterling silver. 

Casual - pick something with minimal lines and simple shapes, our Stem earrings will do the trick! 

Glam - try something with simple lines and semiprecious gemstones. Try our Flutter earrings in gold filled.