How To Pick Gemstone JewelryI love working with gemstones, but most of the Freshie & Zero styles are simple metal. Gemstones can be tricker to wear, so I tend to gravitate toward designing and crafting with my go-to metals. But! Every once in a while I craft up something fancy with a gemstone. 

I was thinking that since gemstones are harder for me to select and pair with my wardrobe, they're likely more difficult for you too. 

How To Pick Gemstone Jewelry

1. Pick your metal finish - A lot of the gemstone styles are available in sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold. But, not all of them are. Before you go falling in love with particular stone, look to see what metal finishes are available. I find that the metal finish may be the deal breaker. 

2. Pick a gemstone or semi-precious stone - Select a stone that you'll actually wear! Pearls are beautiful, but sometimes I'm hesitant to wear them. I'd rather go for something with a little color. Pick a stone that you know you'll wear and wear often. 

3. Pick the style - Would you be more likely to wear a necklace, or earrings? The objective is to select a style that you'll wear on special occasions and every day.