Layering necklaces is one of those mystical, unicorn style-dreams that can be quite tricky to achieve, but we're going to show you just how to achieve the quintessential fall layered look. So let's get down to it shall we?

How To Layer Necklaces With Freshie & Zero

Here's how to layer necklaces this fall.

First things first, you'll need get the varying lengths just right.  We suggest at least a 6 inch variance between each necklace length, otherwise they get too crowded and tangled. And no one wants a jumbled mess on their chest, right? 

Next you'll want to select necklaces that are similar, yet drastically different. Think light & dainty and beaded & pendants. When layering, you'll want to select necklaces that aren't too much of a statement piece on their own. Too much going on will lend it's self to an overdone look.

Freshie & Zero How To Layer Necklaces For Fall

Is it too much work to select necklaces on your own? We get it! If you've fallen in love with the layered look we've created, you can just click the links below, and 'em to your cart and be fall ready once these beauties arrive at your doorstep. 

Mini Antique Caldera necklace - Shortest Necklace = 16"
Maria - Middle Necklace = 20"
Griffin - Longest Necklace = 36" 

How To Layer Necklaces Freshie & Zero