The honeymoon was awesome!!! Cinque Terre is just as beautiful as I remembered it, and so much better when not only do I have a new husband (mio morito in italiano) to share it with, but we had such a nice hotel to stay in. Much nicer than the sketchy hut where I stayed last time. Actually, we walked by the "huts" that were referred to as lodging, and they have apparently been abandoned, including the awesome beachside bar I visited twice in the past. Sad.

Anyway, Greg and I enjoyed as much Italian food as we could take, which was a lot...

mmm. caprese salad and mozzarella y pomodoro panini

yummy!! We were in Vernazza on a food holiday - what luck!! I had a spicy spaghetti dish and Greg had some mussels that were delicious...

cappuccino!!! so good when it touches your lips!!

We especially enjoyed the wine & cheese and I learned what "scampi" really means... (prawn - a small lobster/huge shrimp - not olive oil, butter and garlic)
a pause on the hike

We hiked along the vineyards of Cinque Terre while overlooking the Mediterranean, which was a tough hike but so beautiful!

Our last night in Milan! We're both a little tan and scruffy. What a fabulous honeymoon and vacation!!!