Hoop Earrings are something you can just throw on everyday and not even think about it. Effortless but classic and often add the perfect finishing touch to your outfit! 
I was putting on my F & Z hoops yesterday morning before heading to work, and since we are having a sale on Gold Hoop Earrings right now! (25% off through Sunday! Use code LUCKYCHARM ) I started to think….where did this design even come from? I wonder if there happens to be anything interesting behind this timeless staple piece? 
Turns out there is! Here are a 5 fun facts about hoop earrings:
 #1 Hoops were made popular in the 60s by African American women during the Black Power movement when many were embracing Afrocentric dress.

#2 Hoop earrings are a symbol of empowerment. They symbolize strength and international fashion. Being a circle, hoop earrings show unity, infinity, and wholeness.

#3 The hoop earring originated in Africa, dating back to Nubia (a civilization that existed in the fourth century in what is now present day Sudan).


#4 The British Museum has gold earrings from Egypt that date back to the 19th Dynasty (1200 – 1186 BC). There are tomb paintings that also display earrings during the New Kingdom era (1550 – 1070 BC).



#5 In ancient Egypt, both men and women wore hoop earrings. 


So, the next time you put on your hoops..you can wear them knowing they are so much more than just “hoops” :)