Here's To You, Mom!

In honor of Mother's Day, we've curated a list of unique gifts for every kind of mom out there to make shopping a snap!

For starters, don't forget the card! (5) We're loving this quirky coffee card and think it's super appropriate for any mom fueled by the wonderful power of caffeine. Need something for the mom who loves to cook? Beehive Handmade's Bird Measuring Spoons (6) are an adorable alternative to plain jane kitchenware. If you're searching for a gift for the not-so-kitchen-savvy mom, this Bread Mix by Soberdough (7, a Nashville favorite), is always a fun option and also gives you and excuse to bring your mom a six-pack. Is she more of a wine person? Bring her a bottle of her favorite Chardonnay with this ingenious Corkcicle (2) to help keep it cool in the upcoming summer months.

For the mom with little personal time, (actually let's be real, what mom has excess personal time?) Angel Face Botanical's Shower Steamers (8) are the ideal solution for pampering yourself when you can't sneak in an full-length soak in the tub. I've bought them for myself on more than one occasion and as a busy working mom, I can attest to how fabulous they are to sneak into your morning shower!

Seeking a gift for the fashionista mom? Annajoyce's hand printed beach totes (3) are simply beautiful and roomy enough to tote around all the essentials a mom needs to take with her to the pool or beach. And last, but not least, our Love necklace (4) and bracelet (1) are a perfect Mother's Day gift, as they symbolize the bond between mother and child. Just know that our ordering deadline of May 5th is quickly approaching!

1. Love Bracelet by Freshie & Zero 
2. Corkcicle Classic by Corkcicle
3. Hand printed beach tote by Annajoyce
4. Love Necklace by Freshie & Zero 
5. Mother's Day Card by HopSkipJumpPaper
6. Bird Measuring Spoons by Beehive Handmade
7. Rosemary Bread Mix by Soberdough
8. Shower Steamers by Angel Face Botanicals

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