Happy Birthday, Freshie & Zero

Happy Birthday, Freshie & Zero!

Freshie & Zero is officially a teenager! The last 13 years have been such an incredible journey! From starting off selling jewelry out of my caboodles as a kid to have a thriving business with 5 employees, this is a dream come true. Thank you so much to each and every one of you that's purchased a piece of jewelry, liked or commented on a social media post, come by our booth at a show, or told their friends how much you like my stuff. You're a huge part of why I'm here today! 

To celebrate the teenage years of F&Z, we're giving you 13% off of every purchase from Friday, April 19 to April 28! 

We want to see your Freshie Style during this birthday celebration! Make sure to tag us in all of our social posts with #FreshieAndZero!