I'm engaged!

I'm engaged!
I got engaged!!! My sweet awesome boyfriend, I mean fiance, got down on one knee and proposed to me last Saturday!!!

His birthday was on Sunday, but I got back in town from the beach on Saturday, and we were to have a birthday weekend. I, unfortunately, drank too much on my last night at the beach and was a little hungover on Saturday. We were supposed to ride our bikes at Radnor Lake that afternoon. After eating and napping (he actually fell asleep, knowing he was going to propose in a few hours!), I was still feeling yucky, so I told him I was not up to riding bikes. He suggested we go hiking instead, and feeling bad about not riding bikes, I of course agreed.

So we went to Radnor Lake, and for some reason, he brings along this backpack, which scared me. I bugged him about it, because I was afraid we were going on some extreme hike up in the mountains. I asked him "What kind of hike are we going on!?" He said the backpack was so he didn't have to carry water in his hand (but of course he was concealing the ring box). Then he gets a trail map, which seemed odd to me, so I teased him about it and called him Carl (our very good friend who likes to plan everything out) but it really wasn't that out of character for him. I had never gone hiking with Greg and I should have known he liked to know where he was going, unlike me who just takes off and figures it out as I go along. But he was studying the map to figure out a nice "proposal spot" since he had only scoped out the bike trail, and not the walking trail. I don't think the map was much help, so he had to wing it. Of course I'm oblivious to all of this. Off we went.

We stopped at a lake lookout deck. Greg got his camera out and took some photos. I was looking out at the lake not really paying attention.

Behind me Greg got down on the ground and reached into his bag to put his camera up, and I turned around and saw the ring box. He was on one knee. He said "You know what would make this birthday even better?" and I kind of froze. I think he said "If you would marry me". I was like "What??? Is this really happening?" He was all red, his eyes were teary, and he was shaking. He joked about not knowing if he could say this without crying but then his teariness got better. He said something sweet about loving me and wanting to spend the rest of his life with me, but I was really in such shock I don't know what he said. It was probably good stuff, though. Then he opened the box and I was again in total shock - the ring was SO BEAUTIFUL!!! It was just what I wanted and he took it out of the box and started to put it on my finger and then said "Wait - will you marry me??" and I said "YES!!" and he put it on my finger and we kissed and hugged. Then of course we talked forever and he told me we had dinner reservations at Watermark for that evening. Swanky!


Crazy stuff, huh!? I'll be Mrs. Freshie Lawrence. I'm so happy - Greg is so awesome and sweet and funny and we are going to have so much fun together!!!

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