I got my first bad check! Crappers! It's my first bad check I've received since starting Freshie & Zero, so that's not too shabby really. What sucks, though, is that I now I have to track this lady down to get my $60. That's no fun. I feel like a mean old bill collector, but she did write me a bad check...

Another Gah! moment is that have to file my business tax. I managed to do it last year, and I think I took notes to help myself out this year, but I'm sure that will take at least a day to figure it out. Yuck! All I want to do is get ready for my trunk show on Thursday night, and my show in Blacksburg next weekend. Plus, my birthday is a week from today. Business tax and bill collecting are not what I want to be doing around my birthday.

I also had a goal to finish my wedding thank you notes this month - how embarassing is it that I haven't finished those? I think I only have 10-15 left but you should see the pile of crap I have to do on my desk... scary stuff.

yes, that's two computers on my desk.