Have you ever wondered what the difference is between our 16" and 18" necklaces? Confused about which length would work best for you? Well, today we're covering all of our necklace lengths and how to select the appropriate size! 

Freshie & Zero Necklace Lengths Explained

Freshie & Zero Necklace Lengths Explained  

The 16" chain : this chain length is the shortest that we offer. With the 16" chain, you'll notice that it sits higher and generally rests right at the neckline of crew neck tops. Our favorite necklaces in 16" are ones with small pendants such as the Cluster Necklace, the Cartwheel Necklace,  and the Tiny Zero necklace. Some may consider this length a choker, and some consider it too short for them.

The 18" chain : this chain is what we recommend it you're unsure of what length to select, because it's almost always perfect on everyone! It's a bit longer than the 16", but it still sits high and works well with lower necklaces and scoop neck tops. Our favorite necklaces in 18" are the Antique Striped Sweet necklace, the Mixed Honey Petals necklace, and the Antique stone necklace

Freshie & Zero Necklace Lengths Explained

Shown above: Sisters Necklace

The 24" chain : this chain is the longest length that we offer. The 24" works great with any neckline, and allows the pendants to shine. We suggest the 24" chain for necklaces that have larger pendants and ones that you'd like to have dangle over your top. Our favorites in 24" are the Antique Oar necklace, the Gather necklace and the Refracting Petals necklace

 Long chain silver Aloft hammered handmade necklace

Shown above: Aloft Necklace 

What length necklace do you wear most often? Let us know in the comments!