Freshie & Zero Bracelets Explained

Freshie & Zero Bracelets Explained

Are you bracelet-curious? When ready for a little arm candy but maybe not interested in a heavy cuff bracelet or investing in a bejeweled heirloom, our delicate bracelets are just the thing! Each of our handmade bracelets are nice and dainty, so they look great alone, or stacked with other pieces for a layered look. 

freshie and zero handmade jewelry bracelets

Freshie & Zero Bracelets Explained

Bracelet Length : Our Freshie & Zero bracelets are a standard 7" in length which fits most wrist sizes. 

Metal Finishes : Just like our necklaces and earrings, Freshie & Zero bracelets come in a variety of metal finishes. You can select from sterling silver, gold filled or a mixed metal option like the popular Storied bracelet

Sentimental Bracelets : Our dainty bracelets make excellent gifts, with many of them holding precious meaning for the recipient. Know someone that is wildly chasing their dreams? (Maybe it's you?) Gift them our Many Moons bracelet

Customer Favorites : Our most popular bracelet is the Tiny Hearts bracelet. It has two little hammered linked hearts on a sterling silver chain. I imagine it is a popular gift for girlfriends! 

Two Tiny Linked Hearts Silver Bracelet Dainty Gift for GirlfriendTiny Hearts Bracelet

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