Real Housewives Gift Guide



Real Housewives Fan Gift Guide

Hey guys! Carrie here :) I thought it was a good time to share my not-so-guilty pleasure: The Real Housewives franchises! Andy Cohen, THANK YOU for this gem of reality television! Because I'm such a super fan, and I figure there are others out there like me, I made a gift guide for the Bravo-holic in your life! 

Represent all the Cities - It's a subtle way to show you're a fan, but if you know, you know! 

The funniest kid on Bravo - New Jersey fans know that Miliana is equal parts hot mess and hilarious. 

Gurl Bye! - The OG of Atlanta is known for her facial reactions and one-liners. 

Let your Neighbors Know - So hopefully, they'll know better than to bother you while you're binging! 

Drink your Pinot Grigio like Ramona - You know Ramona from NY would rather be watching herself on Bravo.

The Beverly Hills gang is all here - It's Expen$$ive to be a real housewife of Beverly Hills, but these stickers are a deal! 

Hoop it Up - Every true housewife needs some sassy hoops!