Freshie Finds - New Momma Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - New Momma Gift Guide

Sometimes in the whirlwind of having a baby, momma gets put on the back burner - well, actually that's dad, but that's another topic for another time! ;) I wanted to put something together so you know what to get the new mommas in your lives! 

Nap Mug - Because we all know momma needs coffee and a nap! 

Go-to Outfit - Comfy and still cute, perfect for mommy to bring baby home in!

Encouraging Pin - In case she needs a reminder that she's a bad ass and she's got this! 

All the Natural Goodies - For the mom that loves all-natural products and squeezes a bath in while baby is sleeping!

Letters Last Forever - A way to make what she's feeling in those first few months last forever.

LOVE - I designed this necklace when I    was pregnant with my first born!  Its delicate design holds just enough sentimental value with its subtle representation of the transition into motherhood.

Jewelry Dish - This may end up holding just as many pacifiers as it does earrings, but that's okay! 

Nip Dip - Because let's be real, she's gonna need it!