Freshie Finds - My Favorite Murder Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - My Favorite Murder Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - MFM Gift Guide

Do you have a MFM fan in your life? I've put together a lovely gift guide full of items to buy your MFM gal pal in your life!

Freshie Finds - My Favorite Murder Gift Guide

MFM Story Magnets - when I was in college these story magnets were on every single fridge I owned. Party guests loved writing sentences, and now my kiddos like to write stories on fridges with magnets.

Look and Listen T - A graphic t-shirt is my jam, and every MFM loving lady needs one in her life. 

Stay Sexy Art Print - My studio space needs this!!!

Planner Stickers - Truth is, I don't really need to put this in my planner because I'm always anxiously awaiting for the next episode to air; but they're cute. So, why not! 

F Politeness - Because sometimes that's exactly how I'm feeling.

Bloody fun - It wouldn't be a MFM gift if the wrapping paper wasn't splattered in blood. Although this could be alarming for some. 

Stay Brassy - I'm a keychain fanatic, so I'm guessing you are too. I usually opt for vibrant, but I love the brass on this one.

For your BFF - You know, the gal that you can chat with about anything! 

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