Let's Stay In Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - Let's Stay In Gift Guide


Yellow Mug - I love a handmade mug, and a love a handmade mug full of coffee much much more! 

Night Mask - If you're staying in go all out and wear a night mask to keep the light out! 

Face Mask - One of my favorite ways to pamper myself is to do a little homemade face mask. 

Mask Bowl - Speaking of a face mask, mix it up in this fancy face mask bowl! 

Stay at home bunting - Do you know a friend that prefers to stay in? I've got several of them! This would make a great little gift. 

Yellow manicure - When I'm spending a night pampering myself, a DIY manicure is on. 

Stay in bed poster - The lettering on this is so chic!