Girl Power Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - Girl Power Gift Guide

March is International Women's Month! We're kicking off the celebration by showing you some female-centric gifts found on Etsy! We're celebrating Girl Power, all month and every month! 

A Women's Place - Wear this to remind people that women belong in politics! 

Here's to Strong Women - This is the perfect tote to encourage other women that see it

Smash It - Obviously! 

GRL PWR - Keep your head warm and your intentions clear!

Solidarity, Sister! - Not only is this a memento of the Women's March, but a percentage of each necklace purchased is donated to Ignite, a nonprofit organization building a movement of young women who are ready and eager to become the next generation of political leaders.

Start 'Em Young - There's nothing wrong with starting the positive thinking young!

Peace & Power - Any other gals do peace signs and say "girl power" in the 90's a la The Spic Girls? 

Who Runs the World? - Girls!