Get Organized Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - Get Organized Gift Guide

We've done a deep cleaning and organizing of our Nashville studio over the last couple of weeks and between that and "Tidying Up" on Netflix, I'm ready to take this organization trend back to my house! Here are some Etsy finds to help bring out the Marie Kondo in you! 

Trinket Tray - Keep your keys & rings in one place on your dresser or counter.

Pen Cups - The pen cups in my office hold everything from pens to paperclips to chapstick!

Pantry Labels - I desperately need these at my house! 

Pretty Planner - Because I  always need more places to take note of how I'm getting organized! 

Copper Hangers - Remember the days when we'd throw away wire hangers? Well now, they're considered chic! 

Wall Calendar - An easy way to keep track of what everyone in my house (or studio) is doing!