Festival Babe Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - Festival Babe Gift Guide

This weekend is Coachella, which is the unofficial official kick-off to festival season! As a former raver, I love the idea of a TON of people coming together and hearing some of their favorite musicians! If you're headed to Coachella, Bonnaroo, Burning Man or Hangout this season, here are some great Etsy finds! 

Bejeweled - Every festival babe needs rhinestones!

Mermaid Pack - Keep your chapstick, money, phone, and other necessities on your waist - making it easy to move and dance.

Dramatic Earrings - We wouldn't suggest wearing our necklaces when you'll be out dancing in the hot sun, but earrings are a perfect choice! We love these Shield earrings that make a statement!

Gotta Hydrate - First rule of festival season is to stay hydrated!

For the more casual - If you're more concerned with comfort than being an Instagram fashion star, this headband is for you! 

The more glitter, the better - What's better than unicorn glitter? 

Everything is better with pockets - These scrunchies do more than keep your hair up - they have pockets to store your small stuff!