Freshie Finds - Fall Lovers Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - Fall Lovers Gift Guide

Freshie Finds Fall Lovers Gift Guide

Do you have a best gal pal that is crazy about fall? Me too! While I'm not so crazy about the pumpkin spice craze, I have a few gal pals that love it. They were on my mind as I sourced all of these fall-ish gift ideas! 

Freshie Finds - Fall Lovers Gift Guide

1. A graphic t-shirt - I mean, this is kind of silly, but so is pumpkin spice! 

2. Fall hued fringe key chain - I'm a sucker for gorgeous key chains, and these fall hued ones are no exception! 

3. Honey Petals - So, this isn't quite orange or pumpkin spice, but it's rose gold and gorgeous! 

4. Another mug - If she loves pumpkin spice, she's likely pouring it into her coffee! 

5. Notebooks - When I'm not sure what to gift someone, this is my go-to. I love the gold-embossed polka dots against the deep orange hue. 

6. Orange scented body scrub - This is the epitome of treat-yo-self!

7. Scented perfection - A really good smelling candle can totally turn your day around!

8. Pulled back - More often than not, my friends and I are caught with our hair pulled back at least some point in the day! 

9. For the fancier friend - How cute is the vintage orange and coral clutch!?! This is reserved for the fancy friends.

10. A felt garland - Do you have a friend that loves to decorate? Give her this punch felt ball garland. 


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