Freshie Finds - Dorm Room Essential Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - Dorm Room Essential Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - Dorm Room Essentials Gift Guide

Do you know someone that's embarking on the journey of beginning college? Is she staying on campus in a dorm room? If so, I've got the best gift guide for you. You'll find all of these essentials on Etsy, my favorite place to buy gifts! 

Freshie Finds - Dorm Room Essential Gift Guide 

Rainbow dreams - Dorm room decorating is quite limited because well, it's a dorm room, so bring on the pillows! 

Cheeky coasters - Keep that Ikea furniture in prime condition with these cheeky coasters!

A place for the phone - Since she'll be sharing space with someone else, a designated spot for her phone is the must!

Wall art - How cute is this rainbow wall art? Just keeping with the theme! 

Plant hanger - Because a dorm room can be kind of drab, spruce it up with a little life! 

Letter board - Say what you mean, mean what you say! 

Felt garland - As mentioned earlier, it's hard to decorate a dorm and this vibrant garland will spice things up! 

Wall print - Because every college freshman could use a little encouragement! 

A place for everything - The Freshie & Zero Crush keepsake ceramic dish is great for stashing odds and end like jewelry, stamps and paper clips! 


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