Freshie Finds Confetti Lovers Gift Guide

Freshie Finds - Confetti Lovers Gift Guide 

Sometimes I'll find myself doing a little late night browsing and stumble upon a gift idea of a certain friend -- and I just love when that happens. If you've got a friend that loves confetti, this Freshie Finds gift guide is just for you! 

1. Pastel Confetti Notebooks - That lavender notebook was just made for the confetti loving gal. 

2. Confetti Sprinkles - Because sprinkles always win! 

3. Confetti Triangle Pouch - Have you ever seen a triangle zipper pouch? Me neither! I just love the unique shape of this pouch. 

4. Gray Pearl Earrings - These little baubles will dance around just as you do, floating like little flecks of confetti. 

5. Stitched Confetti Tote - Because you can never have enough tote bags! 

6. Sparkly Key Chain - I'm a fan of jumbo key chains because it makes finding them at the bottom of my bag so much easier. 

7. A Personalized Mug - This is great for the friend who has a unique name and was never able to find anything ready-made and personalized. 

8. Just A Box Of Confetti - The real thing is often the best gift!