Boss Babe Gift Guide


Freshie Finds - Boss Babe Gift Guide

As we get ready to celebrate moms, I wanted to do a special gift guide for my fellow boss babe moms out there from my favorite place to shop, Etsy! 

T-Shirt - I definitley don't NEED a vacation from work, but sometimes I just want one! C'mon summer!

Hustle Necklace - This is made for the boss ladies out there that hustle hard every day!

Take Notes - I love having notepads here, there, and everywhere for when I  get a great idea!

Diamonds on my Pens - These are just FAB!

Smell like a Boss - This candle smells like lattes, so I'm in!

Killin It - Just the encouragement we all need - even on your bad days, you're still killin' it!