Freshie And Zero Necklaces Explained

Here's a handy guide to the chains we use in our handmade necklaces. Are you curious about the difference between a rolo chain and a satellite chain? Look no further to learn the lingo!

Rolo/Rollo Chain : this chain type is half round making it dainty yet sturdy, and allows the chain to lay flat against the body. We love this chain style because it's simple and really lets our pendants shine. Our favorite necklaces featuring this chain style are the Storied, Love and Many Moons

Cable Chain : cable chain is made of equal sized flat segments and we use it on most of our pieces. Cable chain is still simple and dainty, and lets the hand formed and hammered pendant steal the show. Our favorite necklaces featuring cable chain are the Inky Caldera, the Flicker and the Small Honey Petals

Satellite Chain : a chain that ups the glam game! Satellite chain is also known as dotted or specialty chain because of the interspersed metal orbs breaking up the strand to make for a fancier necklace. We use this style chain on a few styles including our AudreyGlam Mini Echo and Noir Glimmer necklaces. 

Bar Chain : bar chain features elongated segments of chain making for a simpler, minimalistic statement necklace. The chain lays flat and works really well in our lariat style necklaces. Our favorite pieces that showcase the bar chain are our silver stem lariat, our flutter lariat and our stem lariat in gold

Drawn Flat Cable Chain : drawn flat cable chain is one of our favorite styles and we're using in our newest lariats! This chain features symmetrical elongated bar links. Our newest lariat pendants are suspended on the drawn flat cable chain, including the Glean and Apex (shown above), both launching online soon!

Long and Short Chain : this style is a customer favorite! This chain features long ovals in between several smaller ovals. It is very light reflective and also looks great oxidized. Some of our favorite necklaces on this chain are the Inky Amie, the Vessel, and the Antique Stone.