foyer makeover

Before and After! Or... possibly procrastination? I have so many Freshie & Zero orders to fill but I have been neglecting my blog duties so... I present our foyer makeover!

The front door opens up into a skinny hallway with stairs to the right. We called this wall color "crayon green".

The steps to the upstairs are on your left when you walk in the door. I appreciated the bold color choice, but it just wasn't something I wanted to live with so....

We changed it to a light cream wall color so that the art and accessories could be really fun. The rug and warm silver table were purchased for the space. That's my favorite "For Like Ever" print hanging on the wall.

On the wall by the stairs, I put up a collage of family photos and small artwork. I intend to finish it from floor to ceiling over the next few years.

The lantern light fixture replaced this fixture that I wasn't crazy about:
It wasn't bad, it was just kind of boring to be the first thing you see when you walk in the door. I love the lantern style fixture so much better!

A word of caution - once you start replacing light fixtures and fans, you realize how easy it is to do and how quickly it changes a space, and if you're like me, you go a little crazy in the ceiling fixture department. We replaced every single fixture and fan in the house except for four, and one of those four is going down in the next year. It added up to about $1000 - definitely not something I had factored into my budget but it looks FABulous!!!

Speaking of lighting, here is a sneak peek into the next room I will reveal...

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