Fashion Friday - What To Wear To Your Work Holiday Party

Fashion Friday - What To Wear To Your Work Holiday Party


What To Wear To Your Work Christmas Party


So you've got your handsome date, you know there will be an open bar this year; but what are you going to wear? In today's Fashion Friday we're chatting about work holiday parties and how to select something to wear. 

Below you'll find our 5 tips for selecting a show stopping look! 

Tips for what to wear to your work holiday party! 

1. Velvet - velvet is h.o.t right now, and this is your chance to rock it. Pick hue that you love, because any color velvet will do! 

2. Closed toe heels - I love a good peep toe, or a strappy stiletto, but during December it's best to keep those feet as warm as possible. 

3. Go all out - with the makeup that is. Have you been dying to try a cranberry lip? Now is your chance! 

4. Sparkle and shine - Pick a simple mixed earring to keep your look classic. After all, that velvet dress really is taking center stage. 

5. Love the length - Just like our philosophy on shoes, keep your coat long so you stay nice and warm. 

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