Fashion Friday - What to Wear to the Zoo

Fashion Friday - What to Wear to the Zoo

What to Wear to the Zoo


Fashion Friday - What to Wear to the Zoo

With the end of the school year approaching, I am always trying to think of fun things to do in the summer with the kid that will entertain them and I both - because us moms should have some fun too! Nashville has a really great zoo with new animals being brought in all throughout the season! Here's a great look form seeing the tigers and bears, while still being comfortable, stylish, and cool in the hot heat!

Cotton Tee - Easy and breezy will keep you cool but still cover your shoulders from the rays!

Breathable Shorts - These are so fun and will feel like P.J. shorts as you're walking around the animal exhibits.

Snazzy Sandals - Is there anything better than a glam sandal that is COMFORTABLE?! I don't think so!

Mixed Metal Necklace and Earrings - The Sprout Inky Earrings and Renew Inky necklace are fun and simple! If you're like me and your outfit isn't complete without some sort of jewelry, these are great pieces for you!

Back Pack - This will hold all my necessities and any treats my kids put up throughout the day. 

Sunglasses - Another thing I don't leave the house without.

Block the Sun - I will burn to a crisp with any time in the sun. Sunscreen is a non-negotiable! 




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