What To Wear To Thanksgiving Dinner - with Freshie & Zero

It's hard to believe, but Thanksgiving is next week! I know, crazy. You probably already know what you're cooking, or what your bringing if someone else is hosting.

But, what are you wearing? 

Make sure you pick something comfy, after-all you'll want an outfit that will take you all day from the Macy's parade to the football games and maybe something that'll let you sneak a nap in there too. 

How To Pick Out A Cute Outfit For Thanksgiving

1. Velvet leggings : need we say more? 

2. A slouchy sweater : you know something that'll be kind to your waistline. 

3. A big coat : Just in case you venture outdoors, you'll want to be warm. 

4. Comfy flats : Pick a spicy pattern like leopard! 

5. A Minimal Necklace : The explore necklace is simple and cute! The mixed metals make it wearable any time of year. 

6. A little swipe of color : for both your lips and cheeks!