Ugly Sweater Party

Fashion Friday - What To Wear To An Ugly  Sweater Party

90's Hip Hop Sweater - I found this gem on Etsy and I LOVE it! I've been on a Snoop Dogg kick recently and this sweatshirt inspired this whole party look - an homage to 90's hip hop! 

Fly-Girl Mini - This skirt elevates the casual crewneck for the perfect party look. And I think J.Lo had a skirt like this when she was a fly-girl! 

Nylon Bag - This cross-body purse can take the place of the 90's puffy jacket! 

Puffy Beanie - Because it's winter and Nashville gets cold! Brrrr! 

Platform Kicks - I'm not the tallest girl in the world so I am a fan of these platform sneakers! They give just enough lift all while being so comfortable! 

Triangle Hoops - Any true 90's fan knows the importance of a hoop earring! I like these because they're a fresh take on an old favorite! 

Doggy Dogg Sweater - Zero can even get in on the fun with this Christmas sweater!