What to Wear to an Oscars Watch Party

Fashion Friday - What to Wear to an Oscars Watch Party

It's the end of award season and, while I may not be the biggest fan of watching the shows, I have LOVED seeing all of the fashion! The red carpet is the highlight of the night for me. If you're getting together with friends to see who wins the golden statue, here is something stylish yet still comfortable to hang out and watch the big night! 

Edgy Jeans - These ripped hem jeans are effortlessly cool and you can dress them up or down!

Tie Dye Button Up - Since some of the actors and actresses are taking risks on the red carpet tonight, here's a risky top! This sort of bleach tie dye is a little wild, but the silky fabric and tortoise shell buttons bring the sophistication. 

Studded Booties - I mean, not much says "cool" quite like a pair of leather studded ankle boots. And with the chunky heel, they're bound to be comfortable. 

Bronze Bag - This is a mini purse, which means I'll have to pull a Marie Kondo and get rid of the junk that doesn't spark joy in my old purse like gum wrappers and receipts! 

Shield Earrings - Wearing these gold statement earrings will make you feel like you just won "Best Actress"! 

Eye Shadow/Highlight - Keeping with the shimmer theme, just a little bit of this set will bring a soft glow to your face!

Eye Shadow Primer - Make sure to use primer so your shadow won't smudge throughout the night!

Mascara - As always, mascara takes any look to the next level.