What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

Fashion Friday - What to Wear to a Super Bowl Party

Is anyone else invited to a party this Sunday that you don't know what you're celebrating? 🙋🏼Well, I guess it's time for the Super Bowl, so to me, it's time for tasty snacks, beer, and hopefully, really funny commercials. Here's something cute, comfortable, and good to wear - regardless of who you're cheering for!

Funny T-shirt - This shirt will get you through every sports season! Football, Basketball, Baseball, Hockey, Badminton, the Olympics, golf... I mean, the list could go on forever!

Black Denim - Black jeans are a staple in my closet. They hide when the kiddos spill something on me. 

"Elevated" Sneakers - Because you can wear sneakers and still be tall! 

Bomber Jacket - This is a cute way to stay warm in the middle of winter. 

Bronzer - Just a little bronzer will help you look alert - people won't be able to tell you're just waiting for the half time performance. 

Sweet Lip Gloss - This color is so pretty and soft. This one smells like coconut macaroons! 

Mixed Flame Earrings and Radiate Mixed Necklace - Mixed metal jewelry is perfect for causal looks! 

Mascara - A couple swipes of this pulls everything together!