What To Wear To A Picnic

The weather has finally warmed up and it's time to enjoy that sweet sweet sunshine! You've got your picnic basket all packed up, but what are you going to wear? 

Fashion Friday - What To Wear To A Picnic

Gingham is a must - to dress for a picnic, gingham is a must! 

Post rectangle earrings - these simple earrings are my go to! They're slightly structured and simple. Perfect for a picnic outing!

A cute picnic blanket - if we're going to be dinning on the grass, a blanket is a must! Chances are I'll just grab an old blanket, but I love the idea of a pretty fringe blanket that is our designated blanket!

A picnic basket - this is a splurge for sure, but it's much cuter than a simple backpack and cooler, which is my go-to.

Pink flats - if we're going to have a picnic, there will be lots of playing at the park. With that in mind, I'm wearing flat shoes. Maybe even sneakers!