What To Wear To A Music Festival

What To Wear To A Music Festival 

With music season festival upon, I've been scouring the lineups! The chances of me making it to a music festival this year are slim, but if I were going this is what I'd wear! 

1. A slouchy top - The off-the-shoulder look may not be for everyone, but I really like the flowiness of this top. 

2. Comfy slides - There will be lots of standing, dancing, and enjoying the artists, so a pair of comfy sandals are a must! 

3. A cross-body bag - You'll need your hands to be free, trust me. A cross-body bag lets you keep your valuables close, plus this one has cute fringe! 

4. A good pair of sunnies - Chances are, the sun will be shinning and a cute pair of sunglasses will let you enjoy the show! 

5. Apex lariat - A lariat-style necklace is the ideal necklace for a music festival. You can tie and loop the necklace is various ways, which is one of the reasons I really love lariats!