Freshie & Zero What To Wear To A Jewelry & Gift Tradeshow

This week we're off to Atlanta for the Gift show! We make our way to Atlanta twice a year for this gift market. 

The gift market is a trade show for retailers to explore new styles and collections as they stock and re-stock their boutique storefronts. Putting up a booth is a lot of work, but we're really excited about this year's design! 

Now, what will we wear at the trade show? 

What To Wear To A Jewelry and Gift Trade Show

Comfy shoes - trade show halls are notorious for concrete floors! So a pair of comfy shoes is key. 

Cute layers - between the fluctuating temperatures, layers work best. When the booth lighting gets too hot, you can easily take off that blazer and still look put together. 

Freshie & Zero jewelry - since we're exhibiting our jewelry, this one's a no-brainer! I'll probably swap it up each day, but the Storied earrings are sure to make an appearance at least once! 

A fashionable tote bag - there is lots of schlepping to be had! Between snacks, badges, last minute necessities and catalogs; a cute tote bag is an essential. 

A moisturizing lipstick - you'll want to give a good impression, because you'll be giving a lot of impressions each day. Keep your puckers from drying out by opting for a moisturizing lipstick. Even if you find that you need to reapply, your lips will thank you!