Freshie & Zero What To Wear To A Halloween Party

Are you going to a Halloween party this weekend? Do you need something quick, easy and cute to wear out? Here's a timeless (and minimalist!) look that is easy to pull off with just a few pieces you likely have in your closet. 

A simple outfit for your Halloween party!

1. Pick a comfy black dress - This dress is the perfect length, and chances are you've got a black dress in your closet! 

2. Cute & comfy flats - Are you the kind of gal that gets on the dance floor? If so, thank us later for recommending these flats. 

3. A Halloween-ish lip color - we like something deep like this burgundy hue. 

4. Small statement earrings - Our Mixed Flame earrings do just the trick with their mixed metal hues of sterling silver, gold filled and oxidized sterling silver. 

5. Kitty ears - This is what makes you ready for the party! Meow!

6. A clutch - Something small like this envelope style clutch holds all of the essentials.

7. Extra long lashes - Have you ever put these on yourself? Yeah, us neither, but we'd like to try! 

8. Black Polish - Nothing says Halloween like black laquer nails! 

9. Smoky Eyes - Complete your Halloween look with a smoky eye. Don't be stingy - lay that eyeshadow on thick!