What to Wear to Father's Day BBQ


Fashion Friday - What to Wear to a Father's Day BBQ

Here's your second helping of Fashion Friday for this week! Father's Day is Sunday! Have you ever noticed how much more casual Father's Day is as compared to Mother's Day? If you're keeping it casual and comfortable like we are this Sunday, here's an easy and cool look for your BBQ!

Cotton Romper - This is glorified pajamas, so I'm ALL about it!

Comfy Sandals - Two of the studio gals are forever wearing their Birks. I'm thinking I may need a pair too!

Square Hoops - These large square hoops are some of my favorites.

Sunnies - If you've been around for a while, you know I don't leave home without sunglasses!

Lip Balm - Keep your lips smooth and protected with this tinted lip balm. Bonus: it serves as a cheek tint too!

Mascara - The best way to finish off any outfit.