I love a cookie exchange party! I mean, who can say no to dozens of cookie varieties!?! 

Freshie & Zero What To Wear To A Cookie Exchange Party


You've been invited to a cookie exchange party, and you know what you're baking up, but what are you going to wear? 

Go for a pattern - Tights can be boring, but they're a winter staple if you plan on wearing a dress. Opt for something with a pattern or a little texture. 

Say yes to turtlenecks - You can only get away with this neckline a few months out of the year, so go for it!

Don't forget a hostess gift - Parties are fun, but require a lot of prep work. Tell your host or hostess thank you with a sweet gift. (p.s. we've got great hostess gifts under $50)

Carry a small bag - You'll be loaded up with cookie when you leave so keep it simple. 

Wear a statement earring - Pick a statement earring like our glean earrings. You can choose from 3 metal finishes, sterling silver, gold filled and rose gold filled.