Fashion Friday - What to Wear to a Community Christmas Parade

Fashion Friday - What to Wear to a Community Christmas Parade

Fashion Friday - What To Wear To A Community Christmas Parade

'Tis the season for community tree lightings, parades, and holiday festivals. The festivities are this weekend in Nashville! I may take a break from hammering and take the kiddos! Here's a glimpse of what I may wear! 

Cozy Sherpa - It's gonna be a chilly (and maybe wet) weekend, so I'm reaching for the warmest and easiest sweatshirt I can find! This is a simple pullover, but will keep me oh so warm!

Skinny Jeans - A good pair of stretchy and comfy jeans keeps me looking pulled together without being dressed to the nines. 

Duck Boots - These boots keep your feet warm and dry! They look really cute with a pair of my husbands wool socks sticking out of the top too :) 

Sparkly Gloves - I LOVE the studded detail on these gloves! Practical fashion is what I'm all about! 

Durable Backpack - There's no telling what the people on the parade floats will throw out or what other "treasures" my kids will gather, so I need a bigger back that will hold it all! 

Umbrella - This Instagram-worthy umbrella will keep me dry, but not block my view! 

Insulated Bottle - Is this coffee or a hot toddy? The world may never know. All I know is that this bottle will keep it hot! 

Statement Earrings - These earrings are perfect for a fun day out and look great with something casual like the sherpa! 

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