Freshie & Zero What To Wear To A Coffee Date

It's chilly outside, so you're probably spending your lady dates indoors. Since a coffee date is our go-to spot to catch up with friends, it's likely yours too! 

You know how you like your coffee, but not sure what to wear? Here's what you should wear to a coffee date with your friends this winter. 

Fashion Friday - What To Wear To A Coffee Date

1. Dark denim - we just can't get enough of dark denim. Maybe it's the dreary weather, maybe it's the slimming effect, either way we're loving dark and black denim. 

2. A tinted lip balm - keep the make up simple, it's just coffee after all. 

3. Sentimental jewelry - wear a necklace that holds meaning, like our four ring Cluster necklace. Lots of moms wear this because it was a sentimental motherhood gift! We love that idea. In fact, I have a friend with four kids and she always wears this necklace!

4. A casual coat - this coat is denim on the outside, and fleece on the inside! Pretty much a warm cup of coffee that you can wrap your body in. What's not to love about that? 

5. Pick the spot - with so many coffee joints around town (especially here in Nashville), be a coffee snob and pick one of your favorites. If you happen to be in town, stop by one of our favorites : Red Bicycle, Barista Parlor and CREMA