What to Wear to a Brewery

Fashion Friday - What to Wear to a Brewery

It's getting warmer (praise the Lord!) and it's time to start doing things outside! There are a ton of breweries here in Nashville and they are a great place to spend a sunny weekend day! Most of them are kid-friendly too! 

Off-the-shoulder Dress - Let the sun shine on my winter-toned shoulders! 

Mixed Metal Earrings - These go with EVERYTHING! They're light and airy, so they're perfect to throw on on the go.

Winky Espadrilles - Because I love cheeky shoes ;) 

Straw Crossbody Bag - Spring is the time to bring out the fun and textured bags!

Sunnies - Cute and simple way to keep the sun out of our eyes!

Block the Sun - I'm pretty pale, so my kiddos and I need tons of sunscreen!

Bronzer Palette - To add a little color to your face before an afternoon in the sun!