Fashion Friday - What To Wear Shopping For A Christmas Tree

Fashion Friday - What To Wear Shopping For A Christmas Tree

It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas! You may have beat the crowds and already found the perfect Christmas tree, but fear not if still it's on your weekend's to-do list. Finding that perfect tree might be a struggle, but finding something cute to wear while you do it shouldn't be a problem.

Why? Because we're giving you the blueprint for something comfy and cute for your tree shopping extravaganza. 

Freshie & Zero What To Wear Christmas Tree Shopping

5 Steps to a simple outfit for Christmas Tree Shopping!

1. A warm coat - Your Christmas tree shopping may be indoors (ahem artificial lovers), it might be in a tent or for you adventurous gals, you may be trekking into the woods. So layer up! 

2. Hot Cocoa to-go - Regardless of the weather, hot cocoa is downright festive. Indulge in it. It'll keep you and your kiddos happy. 

3. Cute Gloves - Real Christmas trees are prickly! And if they're not prickly they're sappy. Not the emotional kind, the maple syrupy kind. 

4. Minimal earrings - pick a funky shape like the Shift Minimal Hoop earrings. 

5. A crossbody bag - You'll be schlepping all kinds of stuff, let's not complicate things with a real purse. 

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