What to Wear on a First Date

Fashion Friday - What to Wear on a First Date

I haven't had to go on one of these in a longgg time, but after doing a little hunting on Pinterest, I saw that "What to Wear on a First Date" is one of the most popular searches on the site! I thought I would throw something cute and stylish that would be great for a dinner date! 

Off-the-shoulder Blouse - This is cute and sassy and is bound to make you feel ultra confident!

Jeans - Is there anything better than a great-fitting pair of jeans? I don't think so!

Wedges - Add just a little lift! 

Glam Earrings - With your exposed shoulders, tuck your hair back and let these earrings do the talking! 

Handbag - Simple and classic!

Lip Stick - This lipstick goes on smooth and won't make a mess when you eat!

Eye Shadow Palette - A little golden smoke goes a long way.

Mascara - Always the best finishing touch!

Lash Curler - This ups the glam ante to make sure your lashes are curled and dramatic!