Fashion Friday - What To Wear If You're a Scorpio

Fashion Friday - What To Wear If You're A Scorpio

It's the season of Scorpios! I thought it'd be fun to do a little research on each month's horoscope and hand select a wardrobe suited just for you.

Burgundy Dress - in reading up on the Scorpio, I discovered that your power color is a deep wine hued Burgundy or Merlot. Which is great! Wine is my power color too. 

Mules - a pointy mule goes a long way!

A Bucket Bag - toss all of your essentials into this bucket bag, easy to access. 

Organic Gold Hoops - these organic minimal hoops are my absolute favorite right now. 

A swipe of mascara - my go-to when I need to feel pulled together in no time.