What To Wear If You're A Sagittarius

What To Wear If You're A Sagittarius

Fashion Friday - What To Wear If You're A Sagittarisu


What To Wear If You're A Sagittarius


According to the internet the color for a sagittarius is purple! I'll be honest, purple is probably my last choice when it comes to clothing. But, I'm not a sagittarius. I'm sure I'm missing something really good about the color purple.


1. Comfy sneakers - This time of year calls for lots of hustling and bustling, so sneakers are my go-to! And they're my jam.

2. A vee neck t - For when you're feeling a little sexy. 

3. To carry all of the things - If I'm being honest, I could use two backpacks. My life is so jammed packed with work things, family things, etc.

4. To tell the time - For when you misplace your phone, or don't care to look at it!

5. A casual sweater - This weather calls for laying, do it comfortably! 

6. Simple hoops- I really love the simplicity of our minimal hoops, you can really wear them with anything. 

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