Fashion Friday - What To Wear If You're A Capricorn

Fashion Friday - What To Wear If You're A Capricorn

What To Wear - Capricorn


What To Wear If You're A Capricorn

It's Capricorn season, so I've been doing a little research on these mature, practical, and ambitious ladies of the zodiac! Capricorns are down to earth boss babes that love their work, so here's a ready-for-work look perfect for any Capricorn! 

Breezy Blouse - According to my research, semi-conservative and classic silhouettes are what these Earth sign ladies are after, and this faux-wrap top is perfect! 

Basic Black - Capricorn gals also stick to their neutral color palate, so a basic black skinny pant works for both work and play! And these are stretchy but don't lose their shape!  

Rose Gold Flats - These keep with the neutral tones but add just a touch of practical glam! 

Crush Earrings & Crush Necklace - These pieces are simple and classy, but the rose gold makes them special! 

Sophisticated Lip - A simple lip is work-friendly and sophisticated enough for any Capricorn lady!

Classic Tote - This bag is the epitome of class. A classic shape in a basic color, and will hold all of your stuff!

Mascara - I don't think my face looks right without mascara. It ties everything together! 


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