Fashion Friday - What to Wear to Game Night

Fashion Friday - What to Wear to Game Night

What to Wear to Game Night

Fashion Friday - What to Wear to Game Night

I. Love. Game Night! It's so fun to get together with our friends or small group and spend time together! All the kiddos go in another room to play and us adults just get to laugh and catch up! Sometimes it gets a little competitive, but it's all in good fun, right? 

Faux Leather Leggings - These are the ultimate leggings; super fashionable and even more comfortable! They're made by SPANX, so they keep everything in place but aren't unbearably tight! 

Sweater Tunic - This is one of the hot colors for 2019 - Living Coral! It's nice and long too so it'll cover your behind! 

Mixed Metal Teardrop Earrings- These Chime Night earrings are light and easy! 

Mixed Metal Necklace - Mixed metal jewelry is perfect for elevating casual looks. This Mini Vessel is dainty and so pretty!

Suede Booties - Love when booties are comfortable and easy to slip on and off! Just have to remember to wear cute socks! 

Backpack - I'm all about a bag that will hold ALLLLL of my junk! This has plenty of room for my stuff and some of my kids' extras. And this color is so pretty!

Highlight - This pearly highlight is so much fun! 

Mini Lipstick - A little bit of color brightens up your face!

Brow Gel - A quick swipe of this on my brows, or even lashes, finishes off a fast 2 minute face! 

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