Fashion Friday - What To Wear For Family Holiday Photos

Fashion Friday - What To Wear For Family Holiday Photos

It's that time of year where we drag our spouse and children to a fall scenic park and ask them over and over again to smile all while promising some kind of treat (maybe ice cream) if they behave for just one minute. Yep, it's family holiday photo season! 

I can't help you when it comes to getting your kids to pose, but I can help you select a really great outfit for each and everyone in your family! Here are our top 5 tips. 

5 Tips For Family Photo Fashion 

1. Select a color-way : everyone doesn't have to wear the same colors, but if you can pick a color palette then selecting clothing will be easier. Pick one color that steals the show, and then build your wardrobe around that color. 

2. Pick comfy clothes : family photos can sometimes feel like torture, so at least make sure you're wearing something comfortable like this pinafor dress or these black chino pants

3. Dress in layers : It might be cold, it might be warm. When selecting your outerwear pieces keep your color palette in mind. 

4. Add a little sparkle : Don't be afraid to accessorize! A simple yet striking piece like our Sparky Pivot lariat and a pair of Small Circle Minimal Hoop earrings will still look stylish as your pictures hang on the walls for years to come. 

5. Plan something fun afterward the shoot : To celebrate your group accomplishment, plan something fun afterwards with the entire family. Pizza? A movie night?

Once the photo shoot is over you can pat yourself on the back for not forgetting your appointment (is that just me?), showing up ( just me again?), and looking forward to your pictures for this years Christmas card. Now go pour yourself a glass of wine, mama!

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