What To Wear Back To School Mom Style

And moms everywhere rejoice! The kiddos are going back to school. Well, some moms are rejoicing and some are probably carrying around a box of tissues right about now.

Fashion Friday - What To Wear Back To School Mom Style 

A peplum top - Don't be fooled! It's a t-shirt, but it's a stylish one that I can wear dropping the kids off and in to the office.

Ankle length denim - The weather is still quite warm, so I'm loving a cropped, ankle length pant right now.

Sparkly water bottle - Because hydration is your best friend!

Cross body bag - When I'm doing lots of hand-holding, lunch box-slinging and coffee cup-holding, a cross body bag it is!

Pivots necklace - This necklace looks SO good on a dark t-shirt. Opt for the 20" chain!