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Fashion Friday: How to Dress for an Airplane

Let's be honest - flying is about as fun as riding an overcrowded school bus, but please don't let that tempt you into wearing pajama pants as your in-flight outfit. Trust us, it's easy to look presentable on a plane while still maintaining comfort; in fact, we think you'll be even more comfortable just by putting a little effort into your appearance! Here's a simple list to help you travel in comfortable style.

1. Layer, Layer, Layer: You never know what the temperature on the plane is going to be. Give yourself the ability to adapt to the fluctuations by wearing layers that can easily be removed or added. Leggings with a basic tank and cardigan are perfect for this occasion. We also love scarves for traveling because they can double as a blanket.

2. Minimize Your Accessories: With Airport Security as tight as it is, you don't want to be the girl that holds up the line because you have to take your 100 bracelets off, one by one. We recommend wearing  simple jewelry so you can zip through security without having your chunky bib necklace x-rayed.

3. Wear Comfortable, Easily-Removable Shoes: You never know if you'll be running like a madman to make that connecting flight or walking a mile to find your next terminal or a bite to eat, so it's important to wear comfortable shoes (this does not include flip flops!). You'll also want to wear shoes that are easily-removable, since you'll be taking them off and on through security, and if you're a germaphobe, be sure to wear socks!

1. Pebble Necklace by Freshie & Zero
2. Silk Sleeping Mask by Mary Green 
3. Ivory and Black Gauze Tank by J.Crew 
4. Black Leggings by Topshop
5. Natural Burlap Slip Ons by TOMS
6. Cotton Cardigan by Michael Kors 
7. Leather Handle Circle Tote by See Design
8. Cashmere Pashmina Shawl by Bajra Shawls  

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