The Dusky Coast Exploring

It's been a long time since I've designed and added gemstone pieces to the Freshie & Zero lineup. I started playing around with gemstone pieces last winter - y'all I have to plan way in advance!


I thought it'd be fun to take a sparkly look at the new pieces we added last month! 

Exploring Gemstones : Dusky Coast Collection


Moonstone - I selected this gemstone because it has this gorgeous milk white hue. It's pairs perfectly with gold and rose gold.  My favorite piece with moonstone is the Moonstone and Champagne Crystal on mixed chains. This'll be a holiday staple! 

Labradorite - This might just be my favorite gemstone in this collection. I selected this mystic labradorite specifically for it's iridescent properties. I've paired this dark and sparkly stone with gold to create the Mystic Labradorite and Gold earrings. 

Pearls - Pearls might come with the stereotype of being southern or sweet - but they can be a little edgy too. I sourced the most gorgeous peach pearls and paired them with gold and oxidized black sterling silver to create a modern piece in the Dusky Coast Peach Pearl Pendant necklace. 

Quartz - Rose quartz might have been the color of the year in 2016, but this versatile gemstone is stealing the show in 2018 as it's paired with true gold for a dramatic dangle earring in the Dusky Coast Mystic Rose Quartz earrings

Crystals - I hand picked unexpected colors when I was sourcing crystals for the Dusky Coast collection. I wanted deep, dark hues to pair with the shiny metal finishes we often use. My favorite pairing of crystals can be found in the Dusky Coast - Charcoal Crystals and Gold earrings.