Getting Uncomfortable for an Enneagram 7

Getting Uncomfortable for an Enneagram 7

I’m an enneagram 7. We are the good time party people. True story: I’ve only cried once in the past 12 months. I don’t like to deal with hard emotions, budgets, social injustice, filing taxes, inequality, lawn care, racism, or homeschooling.

When Things Change Inside You Things Change Around You art by Steffi Lynn

art by Have a Nice Day/Steffi Lynn

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. Tamir Rice. Sandra Bland. Michael Brown. Philando Castille. On and on and on. I know we live in a racist country, but I always hoped society would outgrow it, move beyond it, you know? I thought my generation would say "enough of that nonsense" and teach our kids better. I make it a point to teach my kids that people come in all shapes and colors, but it's not enough. I get it. Finally. It's time to be actively anti-racist. Everywhere. All the time.

Confrontation. Conflict. An Enneagram 7's worst nightmare. You guys, I won't even watch a sad movie - because ew sad movie! Why would you want to make yourself feel that way??

So today I ate Cocoa Krispies and have mostly played Mario Kart in between staring off into space. I’m letting myself rest up to start facing the hard stuff and use my voice for change.

Thank you to everyone who has already been using their voice and talent to share information and hard truths about the America we live in. It’s time to open minds, hearts, and be a bit uncomfortable.

However I will still totally avoid sad movies.

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